Overview of Hugo’s Slot Machines

Hugo, the lovable troll, has been around for what seems like an eternity. You probably haven’t heard of Hugo, though, unless you’ve played one of the games he’s featured in. Hugo may be more of a European craze than a global one, despite being available on virtually every game console and PC since the 1990s. Hugo’s career in video games is nearly hard to summarize owing to the sheer quantity of releases, but his transition to online gambling is more traceable. Here, he encountered many slot machines from Play’n GO, whose quality varied. Hugo Carts has emerged as the frontrunner, thanks to its wealth of helpful features and promising future.

Hugo Carts is not a game in which a troll with three extra toes races his friends over crazy courses in imitation of Mario Cart. Instead, the scoundrel and his mistress Hugolina have gone underground in search of as much gold as they can carry. Scylla is hot on their trail, so it won’t be a simple matter to stroll into the mine shaft and get the ore. As a player, you may expect a cartoony mining environment with more crystals than gold and 1,024 ways to win (though they increase with additional features). You’ll probably dig the images if you’re into the whole Hugo thing. Hugo Carts, like the rest of the series, may, however, occasionally come across as being too juvenile.

Play’n GO either listened to player complaints about the’soft’ nature of the original Hugo slots or followed the industry trend for higher volatility and payouts. Hugo Carts, for whatever reason, is a very volatile game, with a rating of 8 out of 10 for its volatility and the promise of large payouts to entice participants. The standard return to player (RTP) is 96.23%, but you should be on the lookout for anything lower before you follow Hugo into the mine. From 10 pence to £/€100 per spin, there’s a wide range of betting options available to satisfy most players.

In Hugo Carts, you win when you get three or more identical symbols in a row, beginning with the first reel. The symbols are a little too generic, consisting of the usual suspects like spades, pickaxes, lanterns, and hard helmets for the lower paying positions. The payout for a full house of high-paying symbols ranges from 1.5 times to 3 times the wager. Randomly appearing wild nugget bags can replace any other symbol in the game. In addition, wild win lines can award as much as 10 times the wager.

Slot Functions on Hugo Carts

The game’s features are activated after Hugo and company join it. Hugo Carts’ three protagonists each have their own unique special sign that, when landed on, triggers a unique effect. The reels are numbered from 2 to 4, with Hugolina appearing on reel 2 and Hugo and Scylla on reels 3 and 4, respectively. An additional spin is awarded for any character or string of characters. The symbols that caused the respin each provide a different bonus for the next spin:

Hugolina provides a multiplicative boost of up to x10 for 2–5 symbol combinations.

Hugo can add anywhere from two to five golden nugget wilds to the reels.

Scylla generates 5–9 hidden symbols that morph into compatible pay icons.

Finally, keep an eye out for the dynamite scatter symbol, since 3, 4, or 5 of these triggers 7, 9, or 11 free games. On any spin of the standard game, Don Croco may appear and toss two dynamite scatters into the reels, triggering additional free games.

One of the characters is picked at random just before the free spins begin, and the modifier associated with that character is then used for the duration of the free spins. Furthermore, if 3 or more scatter symbols are obtained, the bonus round can be retriggered. After the initial retrigger, the second character’s modifier will be applied to the remaining spins. In order to ensure that all three modifiers are applied to each free spin, you must retrigger the feature a second time. After that point, no more retriggering will occur.

Judgment on Hugo’s Slot Machines

Although it would seem like a cop-out to crank out yet another Hugo slot with a topic as overused as mining, Hugo Carts’s efficient design ensures that players will be kept entertained throughout. Its average symbol values are mitigated by the payways, and it has respin features with modifiers to spice up the fundamental game. The only possible problem is how you feel about Hugo switching to slots. Since this happened back in 2016 and the franchise has been unexpectedly successful, I imagine that most gamers have accepted it by now.

Hugo Carts is the sequel to Hugo’s Adventure, which gave a more rigorous mathematical edge to the series’ tone. Hugo Carts gives a shed load more in terms of maximum profits, despite the fact that it is theoretically not as volatile. The ultimate reward has been listed as 25,000x the stake, which is well above anything Hugo has done in the past, and can be cracked by getting the trio of friends to deposit their modifiers onto each free spin. The odds of getting the 25k are one in a billion, so players may have some idea of what they’re up against.

Hugo Carts is the greatest of the series thus far if you appreciate risky slot games with high potential payouts. Play’n GO has found a satisfactory compromise as well. Hugo Carts may not have quite the same innocent visuals as some other troll games, but it still has all the same endearing qualities.

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